Be Shakti grew up with sports, in a household full of boys; She’s always been a physical person.


When we met her, we were blown away with her strength and the way she could move and flow on the ground, with physical abilities most can only dream of.  And yet one can also see Be’s lovely humanity, her gentle quiet demeanor, encased in a powerful, extensively tattooed exterior.  If Be isn’t somehow moving, she disconnects and can be prone to anxiety, so her practice of sports brings her “back home to my body, my breath and my heart.”

Today Be considers herself a spiritual athlete, practicing being in “body and heart”.  Right now she’s doing that for others through her yoga teachings. Be travels extensively to teach.  In California, she trains outdoors; She loves the sun.  She surfs.  In New York, she’s swimming, mostly indoors, and using her bodyweight outdoors in city parks.


Be says: “The practice of yoga has a way of disturbing the dust and the mud that sometimes envelops our life and can swallow our soul.  It brings up emotions, memories, pains and experiences, our body holds everything and life leaves an imprint on our musculature in such small and big ways.  It’s raw and gritty.” Be Shakti’s aim is to always practice movement and athletics (almost always alone), until she no longer can. 

She quotes Ram Dass: She won’t stop moving until she “drops the body.”

Be’s Instagram is @beshakti