Throughout her career in France, Celine Perruche has been called upon to launch or refresh magazines, bringing her modern vision to titles like Grazia, LUI and currently Glamour Paris, where she is the Editor in Chief. She’s a creative, stimulating, energetic woman, tough, kind and very Parisian.

For her Profile, we wanted to shoot a video, she’d just come back from a long day of riding motorcycles,  but she and her boyfriend Haqim spent plenty of time to make a tiny film, riding around on a big Harley in the streets of Paris, and they were fun to watch together, intimate yet playful, always willing to have a great time.   

Here’s our interview:

ARBOL- What led you to the world of magazines? 

CP- It’s odd because with a father in the military and my mum being a teacher, that world was foreign to me.  But from high school on, I wanted to be a journalist. I thought it was an ideal field because it combined everything I love; traveling, meeting people, asking questions, telling stories, and writing .   The field was also attractive for more pragmatic reasons; no fixed hours, doing different things every day, and being able to dress however I wanted. So I went to journalism school and studied literature at the Sorbonne and was hired right after.  I’ve been in print media for twenty years now and I love it.   My intuition was correct. 

ARBOL- What is a place you’ve traveled to that you loved recently? why?

CP- Patagonia!  Looks like nothing else on Earth. The lighting is constantly changing and shifts the landscape.   A mountain appears with the sun, another disappears behind a cloud.   It’s magical.   The colors are wild, the terrain is tough but stunning.  The wind, the glaciers moving, the horses, condors, pink flamingos, endless views.  One of the most fascinating places I’ve seen. 

ARBOL- What are your passions and hobbies?

CP- Plants, snowboard, traveling.  I’m happiest in a nice home by the ocean with a beautiful English garden, my passport, good friends and a Netflix subscription!

ARBOL- What sports do you play, if any?

CP- When I was younger, I was heavily in athletics; swimming, dance, horse-back riding, tennis, capoeira, but I never liked gyms.  For me sports must happen outside and if possible, in nature.  In Paris that gets complicated. So when here I ride my bike everywhere, and whenever I can get away I go surfing or snowboarding. 

ARBOL- You have a very relaxed timeless denim style, with Parisian undertones. Growing up in France did the American outdoorsy work look help shape your aesthetic, through the influence of television and movies etc.? 

CP- My closet is full of “Bleus de Travail”, denim, coveralls.  It comes from the influence of 70s American pop culture that I love.  (Al Pacino in Serpico, Farrah Fawcett, Lauren Hutton…) but also French workwear.  Denim cloth was originally invented in France.   My favorite piece is a work jacket from the North of France made in the 50s, and I’ve always liked army jackets and sweaters and flight suits.  Because I can never sit still, I feel my wardrobe is cool and has attitude, and allows me to be active. 

ARBOL- We filmed you and your friend on a very cool Harley in the streets of Paris.  Motorcycles are big in France.  Do you ride yourself? Do you enjoy speed and that world in general? 

CP- I love the sense of freedom that speed gives me, and that everything can go wrong at any moment.  I signed up a few months ago to get my motorcycle license but honestly, I’m a bit reckless when I ride, so I don’t know if it’s a good idea.  My boyfriend thinks I’m too impulsive and could put myself in danger!

ARBOL- What are your plans for this coming year? 

CP- I rarely plan because things always work out differently.  But I’d love to go riding through Argentina and Uruguay with my boyfriend.