Coralie Joos is a model, and under the label, RIKY_ that she founded, works as textile designer and art director. A busy woman, Coralie spent a little time with us for some cool photos, shot in Paris, and a chat.  


Here’s our chat:

ARBOL:  Where are you from?

CJ: I grew up in the French city of Lyon, where I got my degree as a Textile designer from the Beaux Arts. Once my studies were over, I moved to Paris at age of 20, to work full time as a model. I lived there 12 years.  Now I’m based in Nantes, a very green city, where we just bought a great loft with my boyfriend. We wanted more comfort, to be close to the sea, start thinking about a family. But we’re still in Paris every week for work.


ARBOL: Tell us about modeling.

CJ: I’ve been working as a model for 12 years now; I was spotted in the South of France in a supermarket by a talent scout from the Elite agency, I was 15 and knew nothing of the business. I’ve been working nonstop since.  I love this job, it’s a true passion, it’s taken me to New York, Berlin, Singapore, Tokyo.  In New Zealand, we were a crew of 150 for a TV commercial, it was wild. 30 hours of flying, but worth it. When the workload is extra heavy, like during Fashion week, sports keep me energized.   I do a lot of cardio. 

ARBOL: You have a clothing label, tell us about it. 

CJ: From having been exposed to fashion for so long, I wanted to try my own thing. I created a fashion label, RIKY_, based on what I love, mixing eclectic styles and moods.   The influence is the street. It’s sweatshirts, t-shirts, sweatpants, the vibe is an energetic mix of urban references with flashy, bright colors. the girls we shoot are strong and atypical. I want to take RIKY_ far in the fashion arena. I’m a big fan of Japan, I’d love to have a strong presence there. Would be great to a open a concept store. At this point I’m wanting to collaborate with like-minded labels and choosing the right influencer to push RICKY_ ahead. Possibly someone in music, that’s happening right now. I’m keeping the label European, the organic cotton we use comes from France and Poland.

insta:  @riky_label