Imen Berouk is cool: Her popular Instagram account @kesaly documents the life of a globe-trotting hip Parisian millennial who specializes in Social Media Image Consulting, or Community Management; “the jobs of tomorrow” as she calls them.


Here’s our chat:

ARBOL: Your Instagram is very youth oriented, with an underlying message for your generation to make its mark: Is this a big concern for you, and do you think the future is bright workwise? Are there uncertainties/ anxieties for your generation in an increasingly fast paced / digital world?

IB: I think in 2018, there less unity and motivation amongst people of my generation, and I don’ t know, I think being  young myself, I have to represent this disenchanted youth, and show it that you can make it even if you come from elsewhere;  what’s upsetting is that we’re constantly confronted by heavy competition. If we look at older generations there was more maturity, motivation, and solidarity, which drove their success. Today everyone knows that showing skin on Instagram creates a buzz, but we’re better than that!

ARBOL: You’re based in France, a country notorious for making freelancing and entrepreneurship complicated and costly; do you think this is changing? What do you think needs to happen to make Europe more vibrant?

IB: I’m freelancing in Image Consulting: I’m very happy with President Macron, I think he’s someone who truly wants to help France, just recently he raised the ceiling for freelancers, which will empower entrepreneurs to grow their business with less fiscal constraints; that’s one step in the right direction to make Europe more competitive.

ARBOL: Fashion is now completely democratized and accessible to all, and barriers have been removed; skaters and athletes and urban music now have great influence, and even luxury brands are looking to them for direction; is this new world order in fashion interesting for you? Do you enjoy this diversity? What are your influences when it comes to clothing? Do you consider France to be at the forefront of all things hip?

IB: I see Paris at the capital of fashion. France is avant-garde when it comes to style, and today we have brands that represent all the different aspects of this new era, like VETEMENTS @vetements_official, I'm a total fan. I like that now everyone has access to the once closed off world of fashion and can contribute.