We spoke in Los Angeles to our friend Karolina Wydra.  She’s got a big personality, she’s a wonderful actress, in movies and on TV, and she’s got a cool easy style. She’s been on shows like Sneaky Pete, True Blood, Justified and House, among others. 

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Here is our chat:

ARBOL- What led you to acting?

KW- I’ve always been fascinated by cinema since I was a child. I would get lost in the characters and the stories. Anna Magnani is someone I look up to as an actress. She is incredible. Because of her and other performances I saw it made me want to become an actress. 

ARBOL- What are your passions and hobbies?

KW- Acting is my passion. Love everything that goes into it. In my free time I do pottery. It’s something I have done for years. Working with my hands brings me joy.  Anytime I get to be creative it makes me feel alive. 

ARBOL- What do you like about New York, where you used to live? and what about Los Angeles? 

KW- I am in love with NYC. The energy that surrounds that city makes me feel at home. I love not needing a car, being able to walk everywhere. I get stimulated by the people and the culture there.  Los Angeles is great for a healthier lifestyle. 


ARBOL- What is a cool place that you’ve traveled to recently? 

KW- Mexico is a place I’ve been to recently and I love it there. The people, the food, the scenery is so good. There are many places in the world that I’ve been to that I love. Africa, Asia, Australia etc. Traveling is one of my favorite things. Each time you go somewhere you never come back the same. It’s the best. 

ARBOL-What are your plans for the coming year? 

KW- I’ve been making more and more pottery recently and want to continue expanding the line I’ve been working on. 

In December I finished a project I was working on for few months and now I’m back to looking for other exciting projects to be a part of.


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