Margherita Chiarva’s photographs are timeless with a slight 80s feel, evoking a feeling of nostalgia for a time that’s been replaced by something much less innocent and too self aware, more incomplete.


The ocean and the outdoors are often present in the photographs (Margherita spent a large part of her childhood in Ibiza), “growing up in nature for me probably helped develop a sensitivity that’s a great tool for taking photos.”


Taking the photos is only a part of Margherita’s craft: as important as the shoot itself is the darkroom, the final essential step of her creative process, her “…sacred shelter where the photographs (always shot on film, never digital) are developed and manipulated with chemicals and light. I don't separate photographing from the process of developing and printing, they're part of the same action. “

In June, Margherita has an exhibit in Palermo during Manifesta, the European biennial of contemporary art.  Margherita @margheritachi is represented by Open Space Paris