Mo travels the world, photographing, searching for faces. She loves the road, she blogs about her journey, that’s taken her from Algeria and Morocco to Central and South America. She has shot a series of nude self-portraits, simple, strong, often in deserted landscapes, that project freedom, vulnerability and beauty.


We met Mo in Venice Beach, California. She was photographing the locals playing handball, hanging out with the players on the basketball court, taking pointers from a young breakdancer; one can see how Mo gets her energy from other people. Her demeanor is straight forward, she’s kind and graceful. Mo, who was born in Amsterdam, works in the commercial arena too; she hand makes original leather camera straps that sell out easily. She’s also a fashion photographer for various hip brands; sometimes she even steps in front of the camera, using herself as the model.

Mo’s website is  & Instagram is @shotbymo_