Hooligan racing at its inception was mostly a Southern California thing, where one could race year round. Anyone could strip down a street bike in the barn and race it at a local track and come home hopefully in one piece. 

Today, Roland Sands, a well-known California custom motorcycles and product designer, has made the Super Hooligan series a tradition. No license or prior track experience is required. No race bikes allowed.   

The event, named the MotoBay Classic, is intended to be a show “a party where a race broke out” says Roland Sands Design. The spirit of the day is festive and very social. We shot this short film at the annual event in San Francisco, California on a beautiful summer day. 

Hooligan racing is open to all, amateurs and pros alike, with no hierarchy, and if you’re good enough, you can find yourself a winner. Truly a wonderful American concept.