French actress Noémie KIRSCHER PERREL is voracious. She acts, models, runs, swims, travels, reads, watches movies and plays. 


She left home at age of 15 to pursue her dream: Early on she knew she wanted to do theater, after having witnessed actors getting ready during a play, which made her curious about that world. She caught the acting bug full on, and that was that.  


Words occupy an important space in Noemi’s life.   

”I love literature and theater. Words in general have significance for me. They translate who we are as human beings.   They hold strength and power. I memorize a lot of texts, either for work or simply for me, because I feel that I need to have these words live in me. “

About her future, Noemie would like to be established in her work in France first, and eventually would like to work in the U.S,  and live in Los Angeles or New York. 

insta:  @noemiekirscherperrel