Olivier Kervern, who is based in Paris, France, is a self taught photographer; not one for studies, his passion started simply when a friend gave him his a Nikkormat camera and an enlarger. His early influences were the travel and documentary photographers of the famed Magnum agency.


Today Olivier, now a seasoned photographer, travels throughout the world, from California to Argentina to Iran, working for the likes of Holiday magazine and others. And his process has remained pretty much the same throughout: he only shoots film, mostly black and white, mostly square format, though he likes to vary cameras for different assignments. He oversees the hand printing of all his images, always done in the darkroom.

When we met in Paris, Olivier was working with a Yashica twin lens, and his approach was thoughtful and quiet. A reserved man, his images are of unpretentious beauty and far away places. When asked about his dealings with subjects, he replied: “I don’t necessarily speak to people I photograph, nor do I necessarily photograph people I speak with. There are no rules.”