Shawn Hibma Cronan, born and raised in Oakland, California, is a sculptor, mostly working with steel. We met in his very cool warehouse studio on the island of Alameda, in Northern California, where he was working on his biggest project yet, “The Van”.


Once completed, the piece, a 1963 Ford Falcon Deluxe Wagon, will be a mechanically sound, street legal, mobile work of art, that Shawn hopes appeals across all demographics, and touches on America’s love affair with automobiles, and with elements of the broad hyper-customizing trend we’re currently experiencing.

Shawn says: “I hope to make work that is gender neutral, available and accessible to all; At in person showings, the van brings in mostly women and young kids who ask the best questions about the project as a whole, including the motives for undertaking such a labor intensive piece. I hope people all over the world can find something in it to relate to.”