Taina Oliveira is a globe trotter, sports enthusiast and model.  We spoke in Paris. 


Here's our chat:

ARBOL: Where were you born?

TO: I was born in Bahia, Brazil. It's best known for having beautiful beaches and great food, even for Brazilians it's considered a vacation spot.

ARBOL: What sports do you play? 

TO: Currently, because I'm always on the go as a model I don’t have a fixed schedule, so I’m doing functional training. But my favorite is fighting classes like MuayThai, boxing, kickboxing... It really gets the energy going. 

ARBOL: A recent trip you loved?

TO: I went to Istanbul recently, and I confess I wasn’t really excited before I got there and then it hit me once I arrived. It’s a beautiful city, full of history, people are sweet, food is great, it was a memorable experience.